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Suzanne Wdowik is a writer, artist, and mathematics/English tutor. Mystery fiction was her first love, but Suzanne reads and writes primarily speculative fiction. The biggest influences on her current works are Ray Bradbury, Cornelia Funke, THE TALE OF DESPEREAUX, THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE, THE FIFTH SEASON, FROZEN (the musical and the movie), Sherlock Holmes (from the original ACD stories), and Merlin (from BBC Merlin). Recent literary loves include DARK MATTER, PRIORY OF THE ORANGE TREE, PROJECT HAIL MARY, and LEVIATHAN WAKES. Suzanne is also obsessed with classic rock and musical soundtracks.

When not writing or teaching, Suzanne is drawing, playing DnD, tinkering on her piano, taking care of her dog, rewatching PHINEAS AND FERB for the thousandth time, and watching way too many YouTube video essays on random topics.

Suzanne's comic work can be found in the anthology SENSORY: LIFE ON THE SPECTRUM, a collection of entertaining, relatable, and informative comics about autism by autistic creators.

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