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Zoe George is obsessed with all things fantasy—and reading her work, you’ll discover that quickly. She primarily writes high fantasy, though she loves to combine different types of fantasy. She has aspects of different types of fantasy in all her works, though she’s dabbled in other genres, such as paranormal and historical fiction.

Their works all feature LGBTQ+ protagonists, along with exclusively LGBTQ+ romances. They also strive to represent different types of mental illnesses in their work. Zoe’s work has won a few awards, from being a grandwinner in the Open Novella Contest on Wattpad with their dark fantasy/paranormal novella, Poisoned Purity, (and shortlisting in 2023, where they await results on the winners!) to shortlisting in the Wattys with her high fantasy novel, Daybreaker. They have also won an Amby, along with a few smaller contests.

She resides in Massachusetts, where she is currently getting her Bachelor of Arts in English. Outside of writing, she enjoys watching animated shows, playing video games such as Skyrim and Overwatch, and playing with her two dogs and one cat. She identifies as non-binary and aromantic/asexual.

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