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Roman is a fabulously loquacious, admittedly anxious, writer and list-maker extraordinaire. They like rainstorms, robots, turtles, and tea, and they hail from at least four different United States of America. He writes when he should be eating or sleeping, and watches cartoons and sitcoms when he should be writing.

Their works explore the complex intricacies of character psychology, relationships, and other existential things that keep them up ‘till 3 am. Writing is a way to process, express, and escape. He favors deeper themes, motif, and allegory, and has a tendency to insert some form of fantasy into almost any situation.

Some of his all-time favorite books are The Great Gatsby, Good Omens, and If We Were Villains. His current inspirations and obsessions include Welcome to Night Vale, Camp Here and There, Will Wood, Jhariah, Love, Death + Robots, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

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