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We all need an escape from reality, so I created something to call home.

T.Csernis writes novels about murky forests, lavish mansions, and feisty, morally-grey protagonists.

He is a gay trans man living in London, UK, with his perfectly peculiar felines, Clawdia and Peaches. He has won multiple short fiction contests, longlisted and shortlisted in NaNoWriMo 2021 and Open Novella Contest, and writes serialized fiction. T.Csernis has also had a poem he wrote when he was eight years old featured in the children's magazine, DinoMite!

All of T.Csernis' novels are home to LGBTQ characters, specifically gay male leads. His works often include struggles with mental health and abusive relatives, found family, and self-discovery, all of which he has experienced himself.

Enemies-to-lovers is one of T.Csernis' favourite tropes, and most of his works possess it.

Every one of his novels contains an element of fantasy, whether it be low, high, epic, dark, or literary.

If being published in DinoMite! wasn't an immediate giveaway, T.Csernis loves dinosaurs. He collected hundreds as a kid and still boasts an impressive collection today. He enjoys spending his free time playing Ark Survival Evolved, and often leaves the Jurassic Park/World movies playing on repeat while he works.

Music has been a huge influence on T.Csernis' writing life. A lot of his influence and motivation comes from music, and some of his favourite bands include GHOST, POWERWOLF, STRATOVARIUS, and GRANDSON. He also has a deep love for classical music, especially strings.

Some of his favourite series include THE EXPANSE, which he has watched and read multiple times, TEEN WOLF, THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, GREY'S ANATOMY, STRANGER THINGS, THE BOYS, and THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE/BLY MANOR.


Below are the first books in each of my series. Read more about each one to discover their sequels.


An ongoing 8 book series

• Book 1 of the Nosferatu series •

Alucard's a reclusive, former-god-hunting vampire lord. Zalith's a promiscuous warlord who comes from old money and an ancient demon bloodline. When the pair meet, Alucard's quiet life is turned upside down, and Zalith's 600 years of meaningless conquests appear to be at their end.

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