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Emrys is a LGBTQIA+ Writer living in Eastern United States, and despite allegations, isn't a feline pretending to be a human. While they admit it’s odd that they share so many qualities with their feline (including shedding tremendously), they vehemently denounce the idea that a witch turned them into a cat.


Emrys lives with their two sons; and a mischievous black cat, nicknamed Banana, who plots Emrys' demise every time they turn out the lights before giving her treats.


Writing has always been both a passion and a place of therapy for Emrys, helping them through some of their darkest turning points of life. A piece of their soul is etched into every piece of work they've written, carved out of pain, chaos, and perseverance. All of their stories are centered around LGBTQIA+ main characters, something they have always been unapologetic about. It is in the pages that Emrys truly came to know themself.


Although at times Emrys can be a bit elusive, they have a bleeding heart for the world around them. Wearing their heart on their sleeves in all things humanitarian, they strive to leave a lasting impact on the world around them that means something. They will never stop fighting for the rights of those marginalized.


If you find that you have lost them, look for them in the darkened woods or under the starlight. They're bound to be there writing in candlelight.

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